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BEL Boxing Club Retirement:

With mixed emotions, Scott and Laurie Eccles are announcing the retirement of BEL Boxing Club on July 28, 2016. We are very grateful for all the amazing support along the way as we helped men and women and boys and girls reach their fitness and competition goals. The past seventeen years (12 years as BEL Boxing Club and previous 5 years before that as Liftlock City Boxing Club and Triumph Boxing Club) have been extraordinary, and have grown us all tremendously. We have made the hard decision to retire, as we will be concentrating on ourselves and our family and other business ventures. We hope others will pick up the baton with Peterborough’s other club in this area, the Scrap Yard Boxing Club, in order to bring Peterborough the best boxing has to offer.

We would first of all like to thank all our volunteer coaches who carried forward the club mandate. They came in night after night to train and hand their experiences forward to the new athletes. The commitment these coaches made in time alone was second to none, not to mention the cost and time of certification and knowledge and weekends of competition. Our gratitude to them is immense and each and every one of them gave something of themselves.

Secondly we would like to thank all our behind the scene folks, all our financial as well as supporting sponsors, and all our show audiences. We also give tremendous thanks to Boxing Ontario, our governing body and all the officials and referees who helped us keep safe, support our shows and sport in our area. Thank you to the local doctors who were always on hand for us to oversee our shows. Thank you to our Landlords for our excellent facilities over the three separate locations. Thank you to our media, our newspapers, our TV, our radio, our local Cable TV who ran our shows a number of times, who were all tremendous in reporting about our competition, promotions for shows, uplifting young athletes, and helping us create an arena for success.

We would like to say a special thanks to all our supporting clubs from across Ontario, who brought grit and a winning, supportive attitude to all our shows, who made us work hard for the wins and learn from the losses, all to give outsiders and spectators an understanding that boxers are fair and sportsmanlike in all ways. We had the tremendous support of the entire Peterborough area, getting off to a start in Bridgenorth with a number of sponsoring businesses and BEL Rotary in 2002. We were able to hold several great shows in Hastings, Lakefield, Ennismore, Buckhorn, Peterborough, and the 11 Vengeance shows at the Venue in downtown Peterborough. Thanks to Mike Skinner and the crew at the Venue for your support and uplifting of our sport.

We are so proud of the athletes that came through our gym, literally hundreds of them over the years that made their mark and added something special to their personality and achievements and giving to the community. Many local leaders were realized because of the sport and our facilities and the effort each and every athlete put in. We believe the seeds planted will surface all over our community. We see the beginnings of great coaches and leaders of our communities, allowing young people to build on their athleticism, especially when they need it most at their age; to steer them in the right direction instead of being pulled away from society…we hope a difference was made in their being. Great athletes are not just made of muscle and strength but with heart and a moral fiber of overcoming and getting up off the ground when they are down. Life’s adversity happens and to be prepared gives us a head start. Some of the most outwardly timid people can be the strongest internally. It’s in there. We believe a person can grow the most in a battle that has boxing’s intensity where it ultimately comes down to true grit. The opponent is not necessarily the person across the ring, but themselves. Master themselves, they master all challenges. We all possess that true grit, it just needs to be encouraged and grown. We are proud of all our hundreds of athletes who passed through our doors.

We wish great prosperity to all our continuing athletes, to carrying on with your calling, and to add your learning and growth to all you do in business and family and life.

With Love and Great Respect, Scott and Laurie Eccles.